Sunday, May 30, 2010

2007 Lot 165 Cameron Hughes, Pinot Noir, Los Carneros

Very elegant Pinot,  combines Burgundian, California style wine.  What I mean by that is that is does have the smokey, delicate aroma and feel from Burgundy, yet the soft fruit berry forwardness of a wine from California.  This is a fine wine, beautifully showcased in the glass by its perfect color.  I can drink Pinot with most anything but my favorite would be a grilled wild salmon with fresh and spicey mango salsa and an aromatic, steamed Indian basmati rice.  For the mango salsa, include a chopped a seeded jalepeno pepper and red bell pepper.  The wine is available now for about $18.  But it sells out fast - that's because most of the lots are small. 

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