Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2007 Kimmel Chardonnay, Mendocino

Slight tint of apple green color catches your eye when you first observe this lovely wine. Hand crafted and very small production, makes this award winning wine a best-of-the-best pick from The Wine Attic. High quality winemaking and excellent fruit creates a honey, pear nose, lots of citrus on the palate, well-balanced acids. Creamy, oak finish. This is a yummy wine for a special occasion. A little pricey, $32 bucks, but if you are a Rombauer fan, then the $$$ are no problem for you. Since it is still nice weather, this chardonnay will stand up to a nice BBQ.

Monday, October 5, 2009

2007 Cameron Hughes Lot 125 Pinot Noir, Napa Carneros

This wine was so good. The color, first off the bat, is a beautiful clear, crystal cherry, sparkling in the light of my kitchen. The nose was a smooth, smokey aroma where I began to anticipate that this wine was going to be GREAT. And, it was no surprise that this was amazingly well made - lots of berry fruits, a kiss of candy, while the finish was just as pleasingly long and spicey. I actually had this wine with steak au poivre and sauteed carmelized onions. Now is your mouth watering? Another best-of-the-best picks from The Wine Attic
High quality and recession pricing - I like it!

Pomar Junction Vineyard

I had the opportunity to enjoy 2007 Pomar Junction's Award winning Estate Viognier. It was lovely. Yummy honey and pineapple. The acids were mild which allow this wine to be a sipping wine or have with a special lunch or brunch. Unfortunately this wine is SOLD OUT. But I am confident that Kevin Riley, winemaker, is doing justice to the 2008 vintage. With excellent viticulture and winemaking practices, look forward to another award winning wine. This winery is a destination - another best-of-the-best pick from The Wine Attic. Say hello to Marie for me when you visit.