Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2007 Lot 149, Cab Cameron Hughes Wine, Napa

Video Wine Tasting
Like a Rutherford or an Oakville cab, this wine is super fat. There are certain types of wine that we send in to the critics, looking for low- to mid-90-point scores—and this is one of those wines. This wine came to us from the same winemaker that crafted Lot 143, another great Cabernet from Howell Mountain. Lot 149 comes from Mount George (located just back behind Napa proper), which has recently been a trending region in the wine world. We sourced this wine from a vineyard located just next door to famous Cabernet producer Jarvis—it has amazing soil for vines, but it just hasn't been assigned an AVA yet. If you like an enormous Cabernet, this one is a steal for $22. - Cam

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