Monday, December 7, 2009

2006 Monte Antico Toscano

Wow - here is another Wine Attic pic for $8 bucks at Costco. 85% Sangio, 10% Cab and 5% Merlot. Wine Spectator rated this 90 points. I picked up a bottle to try and was very pleasantly surprised and delighted to drink it with pizza. But this wine is better than just pizza wine. The 2007 sangio from this area was outstanding and so made this wine really shine. It is definitely a real winner. This is another outstanding wine where quality outshines the price point. If you are serving Italian - roast and ravioli for Christmas, then go out and get a case of this before the secret is out. It has a nice soft finish, no harsh tannins but still has nice body. After 15 minutes it was quite smooth.

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