Monday, October 5, 2009

Pomar Junction Vineyard

I had the opportunity to enjoy 2007 Pomar Junction's Award winning Estate Viognier. It was lovely. Yummy honey and pineapple. The acids were mild which allow this wine to be a sipping wine or have with a special lunch or brunch. Unfortunately this wine is SOLD OUT. But I am confident that Kevin Riley, winemaker, is doing justice to the 2008 vintage. With excellent viticulture and winemaking practices, look forward to another award winning wine. This winery is a destination - another best-of-the-best pick from The Wine Attic. Say hello to Marie for me when you visit.

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  1. Great pick! I’ve always enjoyed wines from Pomar Junction. I became even more excited about this winery when I found out that many of their 2008 releases have been SIP™ (Sustainability in Practice) Certified. In order to receive this certification the growers must go through a rigorous process to prove their continuing commitment to environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic vitality. The SIP™ program takes into consideration energy conservation, erosion control, pest management, human resource practices, and more. Consumers should look for the SIP™ certified seal on bottles; this seal signals that the wine you are drinking contains 85% or more certified fruit. Keep drinking those SIP™ wines so we can hope to see even more make their debuts in the future.

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