Friday, August 28, 2009

Cameron Hughes - the New World Negociant

Why do I review so many Cameron Hughes Wines - because they are all so damn good and affordable. Cameron chooses only THE best juice, most of the time a lonely pair of high-end wine in barrel just sitting there waiting to be blended with other lonely high-end barrels. What happens next is magic. The magnificent expensive wines, called his Lot Series, are blended, labeled and put on the shelves of Costco stores at an incredible price. Because of the small lot sizes - sometimes only 200 cases, Cameron is constantly scouring the world for the best of the best. Wines priced at $10 - $15 would normally sell from $30 - $100 if they were bottled at their original winery. As a result, Cameron's business model has turned his winery into one of the fastest growing wineries in California. That is saying alot in this economy. The reason is clear - a good solid business model, premium wine at an affordable price point. You will also start seeing Cameron Hughes Wines under the Flying Winemaker label - sold at restaurants and retailers. You will now be able to try a glass of wine while dining in your favorite restaurants. The Wine Attic will also be offering these wines on our eStore.

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